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~ . :Welcome To W.S.Hetalia: . ~
Our group is open to hetalia fans of all kinds. We welcome you to join us, and embrace this wonderful anime through many art styles and forms. Roleplayers are welcome ( Info below ). If you have any questions about the group or about anything please feel free to talk with one of the admin's of the group or leave a comment on the groups page. Thank you for visiting our group's page and have a great day.

:bulletyellow: :bulletgreen: :bulletblue: Hetalia Roleplayers Welcome! :bulletblue: :bulletgreen: :bulletyellow:

Thus this group is for Roleplayers for Axis powers hetalia. All Oc and characters are welcome.
States provinces and 2p characters as well.
Please all members be respectful of others views.
Please have fun and We look forward to role playing with you.
:bulletpurple: Below is the link to the groups Rp Chatroom. :bulletpurple:

:bulletgreen:… :bulletgreen: <RP Chat
:bulletpink: :bulletorange: :bulletpink: Thanks and please enjoy the group. :bulletpink: :bulletorange: :bulletpink:
Founded 6 Years ago
Apr 16, 2012


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80 Members
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8,660 Pageviews
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Hetalia Fancomic - Good luck England page 3 by Maora-Hikaru Hetalia Fancomic - Good luck England page 3 :iconmaora-hikaru:Maora-Hikaru 24 5 2016.07.15 My new id by Maora-Hikaru 2016.07.15 My new id :iconmaora-hikaru:Maora-Hikaru 95 13 Hungary x Prussia by Maora-Hikaru Hungary x Prussia :iconmaora-hikaru:Maora-Hikaru 75 9 Lugubrum-stock regaleira5 by lugubrum-stock Lugubrum-stock regaleira5 :iconlugubrum-stock:lugubrum-stock 4,335 506
Canada x Lotr!Fan!Reader
Canada x LOTR!Reader
" _______, I’m home," Matthew called as he walked in the door.
He made his way into the living room where his girlfriend, ________and his pet polar bear, Kumajiro, cuddling on the couch, watching one of ___________’s favorite movies, The Lord Of The Rings.
“You’re still watching Lord Of The Rings,” Matthew asked.
__________ turned to the direction of his voice and smiled brightly.
“Yeah, Im still watching Lord OF The Rings,” __________ answered.
“Its one of the most epic fantasy trilogies in the world, right next to Harry Potter,”
Matthew sighed as he walked over to the couch and sat down next to her.
“That’s the fifteenth time, you watched the movies,” He said.
“And the fifteenth time, I read the books, even the hobbit,” ________ interrupted.
He blinked his eyes and sighed as he looked at his polar bear, Kumajiro.
“Kumajuto, why is she always so obsessed with The Lord of the
:iconguardianarchangel:guardianarchangel 101 54
2p England x Goth!Reader Bride Of A Madman
The house was dark as a man’s weeping his heard from the Kitchen. In the Kitchen, was a man no other than Oliver Kirkland, sitting on the floor crying with his hand covering his face as tears dropped to the floor. Cupcake batter spilled all over the floor, and spoons, teacups and plates are broken into millions of pieces.
“Why, it’s not fair,” He sobbed.
“I need someone. I don’t want to be alone,”
He continued crying until a chocolate brown bunny with wings came flying into the kitchen dropping a piece of photograph on the ground in front of him. He than wiped his eyes, with his pink sleeves, smearing his makeup.
“What can I do? I don’t want to feel alone,” He whispered, still sobbing.
Chocolate flying bunny flew down to his master and tugged on his sleeve with his teeth. Oliver looked at him, with red puffy eyes.
“Not now, CBF (Chocolate flying bunny). I’m not in the mood right now,” He said, still
:iconguardianarchangel:guardianarchangel 189 12
2p England x Goth!Reader Bride Of A Madman Part 1
Oliver POV
“Now where oh where can I find the young poppet,” Oliver thought, as he walked down towards the school with the picture of the girl in his hand.
“According to this building, this must be where the school the poppet attends,”
“Whats the fucking big deal about her,” Al, the red eyed brunette yelled beside him.
“Yeah, its not like she’s anything important to us,” James retorted.
“Ve, I bet her blood will taste good with my pasta,” Luciano, a sadistic italian, said whipping out his knife.
“Oui, she does look rather interesting,” Jean said puffing out a ring of smoke.
“When do we get to touch her,” Asked Lutz.
Oliver turned to glare at them, holding out his knife towards them.
“None of you get to touch my bride,” He snarled.
He walked over to the doors, which lead to the entrance of the college, with a butcher knife in his hands.
“Now then, before we go in, does anyone know
:iconguardianarchangel:guardianarchangel 253 133
Lament-WIP by Elentori Lament-WIP :iconelentori:Elentori 355 10 2p England by guardianarchangel 2p England :iconguardianarchangel:guardianarchangel 53 24 Mafia Romano by guardianarchangel Mafia Romano :iconguardianarchangel:guardianarchangel 35 6 2p Italy by guardianarchangel 2p Italy :iconguardianarchangel:guardianarchangel 70 30 APH France cosplay by CosmicGentleman APH France cosplay :iconcosmicgentleman:CosmicGentleman 47 6 2p America by guardianarchangel 2p America :iconguardianarchangel:guardianarchangel 66 126 2p Canada by guardianarchangel 2p Canada :iconguardianarchangel:guardianarchangel 84 14 Silent Melody by GydroZMaa Silent Melody :icongydrozmaa:GydroZMaa 87 42


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Rp Corner: Who's who?

Hetalia Axis Powers Pictures, Images and Photos

:iconalfredfjones14: -America

:iconalicecross1313: - Canada

:iconkittyayome: - London

:iconaskedinburghkirkland: - Edinburgh

:iconneko-kai-phantomhive: - Vatican city

:iconsovietsparkleparty: - Aedificavi Bello

:iconthatwat: - Prussia

:iconenglandandprussialuv: - Venice

:iconi-am-italia: - Italy

:iconty1407: - Spain

:iconki-shio: - Japan

:iconsuicideparker: - France

:iconmrvargas: - England

:iconanimeandmangadrawer: - 2p! England

:icontakenagamiyoshi: - Romano

:icongenenstucke: - 2P! Germany

:iconask-lil-bro-trio: - Germany

:iconrockangel2410: - Belgium

:iconchickensnackrap: - Austria

:iconhetaria-wa-sugoidesu: - Wales

:iconchilledflower: - Denmark

Please if there is a mistake, Tell us and we will try to fix it as soon as possible.
Thank you.

Also if you would like to be added to this list please leave a comment telling us which character you are.
Heres a link to the journal, please comment on it if you wish to be added to the list…

Allies Vs. Nordics Pictures, Images and Photos

~~~~~~~~~~~Blog Spot~~~~~~~~~~
Hello and welcome to our newest members, It is wonderful to meet you and have chatted with you.
It is Our greatest hope that in the comming weeks that we may Roleplay in the chat or on the FaceBook group. Thanks for Joining our group~

~A. Kirkland & Staff

Gallery Folders

Chibi America by xTIDx
Britain - Hetalia by xTIDx
resubmission- 2p england by xTIDx
Other Characters - Pairings
''Odi et amo'' by SONIXA

Mature Content

Edelweiss and Shamrock by SONIXA
Hetalia - Kugelmugel by Lapis-Elyon

Mature Content

OC Characters
''When Irish eyes are smiling... by SONIXA
A special relationship by SONIXA
Irish Art Nouveau by SONIXA
New OC... by Martyna-Chan
Italiano chef by ty1407
100 lat, Kamila~! by joannawentbananas
[APH]Japan - Hanami by HetakuSpain
APH Japan by Patynotchan
Japan: Amongst sakura by ty1407
Kawaii Japan by ValenK
hello I'm the Doctor hon hon hon by bloodymensahara
France: Rose Prince by Maohheika
England , UK Brothers
Carnival of rust by Martyna-Chan
A siren from the deep came to me... by Martyna-Chan
All that great heart lying still on an angelwing by Martyna-Chan
I wish I had an angel by Martyna-Chan
Hetalia - China by Maora-Hikaru
China paperchild request by untamed-rabbits
Updated Fem!China by 0xWhaii
Amigurumi buddies! by Tygermane
Pirate Spain Charcoal by ty1407
[Hetalia] Gilbert Beilschmidt - C'mon! by mariasachan
:: APH :: Hungary by ki-shio
Axis powers
Italy: Hetaoni: Blood by ty1407
2p Axis powers
2p Axis by Shjinchan
Allied powers
You can't hide from us by Martyna-Chan
Avengers-Q:1160 by Ask-America-plus50

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This person has taken it upon themselves, to post pictures of me and my friends and has claimed my russia photos as her own

Just thought I should warn you and ask for some help in getting this person reported
VargenSaphia Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
The account mrsgermany has been deactivated. Must've been an unpleasant discovery for you when you found the pictures. Let's hope it doesn't ever happen again.
Red--feather Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
it really was, she said she had saved pictures of myself because she wanted to make a russia coat like mine, i told her she could have asked me and i would have helped her.
and i said saving pictures without the person consent is not right.
Cross-Angel-Chan Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks for the request! It was most kind of you and really made my day! Thanks again :heart:
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Your welcome It was awesome ^^
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thank you for the request :heart:
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no prob ^^
Chilledflower Featured By Owner May 16, 2013
Hello! May I take Denmark and use my OC, Tokyo?
askCelestWolfra Featured By Owner May 17, 2013
go ahead! have fun! ^_^
NefariWinterbel Featured By Owner May 16, 2013  Student General Artist
Of course you can ^^
animeandmangadrawer Featured By Owner May 12, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
(can I be my oc if not can I be 2p England?)
askCelestWolfra Featured By Owner May 16, 2013
((sure! go right ahead and rp your heart out as any character you want oc or not!))
animeandmangadrawer Featured By Owner May 16, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
(thank you :))
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May I be my OC for Wales please?
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of course ^^
askCelestWolfra Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2013
Hetaria-wa-sugoidesu Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yay!Thank you!
askCelestWolfra Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2013
^_^ welcome i try to make everyone in the group happy
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